Odysseas is a non-profit organization  founded by Daphni Vloumidi and Shohreh von Meydell. Odysseas is providing education courses for the young refugees living in the “Villa Azari” in Agiassos on the island of Lesvos.

The villa Azari is a special center hosting refugees  younger than 18 years old located at 4 km from  the mountain village of Agiassos on Lesvos. The conditions of accommodation and food are pretty good, financed by European programs and the Greek government. What is really missing is an education program for these young people who spend all their day playing  football in a nice garden.

Since years now Votsala Hotel in Thermi on Lesvos & Vamos Reisen a German travel agency specialized on family holidays have realized that the young boys from the “villa” need something more than bed and food. Experimentally we started last May supporting a Pottery Course.

Why a Pottery course:
  • Refugees' education level is very heterogeneous. A pottery course brings all of them in the same level.
  • They speak different languages. A pottery course is possible for all of them.
  • Working with hands. Handwork helps the young boys to feel creative supporting their psychology.
  • The “villa” is far from the village. The course is taking place in the village in a school that the municipality has kindly offered us.
  • The young refugees are living far from the village and without contact with the locals. The pottery course makes them feel part of the local society. The teacher talks about them to his friends and the village starts recognizing his students using their proper names!
  • Agiassos has a long tradition in pottery. The courses are provided by Giorgos Akamatou a local ceramist.
  • Support to the local economy. The teacher of pottery is local. The money we spend for the course is staying in the town of Agiassos and this is politically very correct in times of crisis.


If you want to support Odysseas please visit www.odysseas.at... send us an e-mail