Who we are!

First of all this is Truffi! He knows who is a guest and who is not. Most of the time he works hard … playing with the children!


Iannis: the big boss! He was born in his grandfather's hotel in Mytilini town and as a teenager he spent the summer holidays at his father's hotel Votsala. Later he worked as an architect on the mainland but since 1994 he went back to his family hotel in Thermi. Now he practices his artistic talent by gradually renovating Votsala; sometimes he also designs houses for his friends. He much prefers being an hotelier than an architect, because - as he says: “to drink ouzo with my guests and organize walks through the history and the nature of Lesvos is more fun than dealing with the Greek bureaucracy for construction permission!"

Daphne comes from Athens where she met Iannis when he was a student.

Her grandmother lived at the village of Petra in the north of Lesvos and therefore Daphne has the best summer memories from Lesvos.

Now she is happy to be here again. Daphne loves cooking and she is the one who has developed the recipes for all the Votsala specialities.

Even when she is not cooking personally …the taste of Votsala is Daphne!


Nana is the best receptionist! She is so sweet when she says on the phone, “there is no TV in the rooms but instead we have several books at the reception”. Also, when the tax control arrives and Iannis becomes ready to explode, Nana remains sweet and cool.
Once a week she is “working in the sea” leading a boat trip. Therefore we think this photo (Nana on the rocks) represents her much better than the one working at the …office!

Nina (on the right) is our new receptionist! She is Norwegian and came to Lesvos 25 years ago! She tries to organise the greek chaos of the Votsala reception! She speaks Greek with a Lesvian accent and her mother in law taught her all the recipes that now she can now share with you during the Cooking Classes every Sunday!

And on the left you can see Nana in action!

Spyro & Rudina: This young couple from Albania lives in the hotel also in the winter. Try please to speak "easy English for foreigners" with them, as they try hard to learn now their second foreign language after Greek.

Rudina is now responsible for the kitchen. She has successfully learned how to cook from Daphne following the recipes of Daphnes grandmother and Iannis grandfather who was a cook. Some pies at breakfast come from the long tradition of her country.
Spyro is the “master key” of the house. He can do everything, from washing dishes to renovating bathrooms together with his brother Kristo.

Here you can see them at the “valley of the nightingales” in Spring 2006.


Kristo is a young man working with the ladies who clean the rooms.

He does everything that ladies might wish from their husbands: he carries all the heavy things; he cleans the floor and repairs the dripping water pipes.

His photo on the beach shows what he best likes at Votsala: the Votsala round trips.

Lena, Maria & Eldira. These three ladies clean the rooms … when they don't talk on their mobiles!

Despina and Olympia are the heroes behind the scene; they work in the Kitchen. Only in the morning you can see them, looking after your breakfast buffet. The only English they know is “hello”.


Jannete: Difficult to describe… Jannete is not a simple case!

Everybody loves her (not always from the first moment) but nobody knows why!

As you understand from the photograph ….she works "on" the Bar!

More about the Votsala Family    

Orestis is now working in Madrid and we see him less than before. But he is responsible for this website and does all the internet promotion.
Lina, is styding theater in Athens, she loves singing and dancing. Ask her to teach you traditional Greek dances before you decide to go to a local festival!  

Orestis & Lina the new generation, the future (?/!) of Votsala.

Giorgos Troumbounis is the brother of Iannis and also 50% owner of the Votsala. For the moment you can meet him here only in August because he lives in Germany with his wife Franziska. He is dreaming of staying longer when he retires…for the moment he has small children to bring up in Munich.

Asterina & Aktino are the globalized members of the Troumpounis family. If you come from a German speaking country you can use one of them as an interpreter for free.