All Votsala rooms have two facades. The entrance is from the garden and the hills on the west. No air conditioning.
The welcoming breeze from the Aegean, blows gently from your eastern balcony through your room, providing the best air condition you could want. Mosquito nets protect all windows while in case of "emergency" we turn on the fan!
If you have children: In addition to the safe seaside garden; the private entrance to each room/studio from the garden, the size of the rooms and their facilities make Hotel Votsala a children friendly place to stay. With a small child it is a good idea to book a Triple room with a third bed or/and a baby-cot in the same room.

For not very small children or teenagers the best is to book a Family room. For older teenage children we suggest that you book two different, next door rooms or even better rooms in separate buildings in order to make both parents and children feel free but still enjoying holiday together
What we call a Family room is a two-bedroom apartment with a common bathroom.

The Family Rooms have some kitchen facilities (a refrigerator, a kettle and a sink for washing dishes) but no real cooking equipment, exactly as all the other Votsala rooms. The F.R. is designed to be located on the ground floor in order to offer easier access to the garden.