If the canoes and pedal boats of Votsala are not enough to satisfy your adventurous spirit and you need a real sea experience then very nice local people can help you sail, kayak or dive!

In the photo you can see Tokmakia islands not far from our hotel that are waiting to be explored!


Nektarios and Lesvos adventure can organize a daily round trip with his kayaks.


Visit deserted beaches and walk on the white sand of these islands is a unique experience!

  Since he is member of the Votsala family (his wife works in the hotel) you can go climbing at a closeby waterfall or a Votsala-wall. You will also see him transforming your kid to Robin hood since children can try their archery skills in our garden!


George and Alternative sailing can help you feel a VIP (Votsala Important Person)


Right after breakfast he picks you up from our garden and spends the day with you around the islands! An on board lunch is provided and if you want to help him with the ropes feel free to do it!

Longer excursions can be arranged as well.


Another George and the Lesvos Scuba oceanic center offer apart from fun dives complete courses and the best guidance in underwater Lesvos!


Among different spots on Lesvos there are five different dive sites around Tokmakia. One can do a very unique dive visiting the exquisite coral garden at about -35m. There is also a deep wreck at about -50meters.