Get ready for Your Trip to ...Turkey

Don't forget your passport ( ID card is also OK)


To/From Ayvalik - Everyday except Sunday To/From Dikili – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

A. From Votsala

You don’t need to go to Mytilini in order to get tickets. Nana or Iannis can do this with a fax from our reception. We need only your passport details one day before. The round trip tickets one way cost 29 Euros. Car about 50.

Together with Iannis you can organize and get info of the archaeological sites.

Ask Rudina or Janet for a breakfast bag and get your breakfast on the Deck of the Ferry.

Departure from Votsala at 7:30 AM


B. you are now in Mytilini.

Queue for Passport control at the customs office () in Mytilini. The driver (if you have a car) needs to drive then the car behind the fence.

Just out of the exit you will find a real Duty shop with low taxis, because it is only now that you leave your country –Europe!

If you have organized your trip from Votsala, tickets you get at the “entrance” of the Boat, you pay them directly. Name of the boat …we will find out then…

Departure from Mytilini: -In theory- at 8:30AM, often with15-30min delay.

C. Ayvalik Arrival 10:00

Passports control again.

One-day visitors leave their passports at the office and get a plastic card with a number instead. Often there is a second queue for those wishing to overnight in Turkey - this is a longer process but if it is your case...

Some Europeans have to pay extra visa (if they wish to overnight) British, Swiss, ...this is 10 Euros per person.

Once you have overnight in Turkey you need, before your departure to go first to the agency -just opposite to the costumers office- and confirm that you are listed for that day.

Full fuel your tank in Greece ... petrol is more expensive in Turkey!

My opinion about your stay in Turkey:

Wishing to travel around the historical sites you don't need to book hotels except possibly in August.

My experience is that you get more choice and better deals on place.

Turks - Greeks as well when you book from internet-, ask you to pay them the total amount in advance and this condition makes most people feel un-free afterwards....

About car hiring in Turkey:

Rental cars are a little bit more expensive than in Greece. Try to prepay your car in cash and not to give your cc details -at least if you have more than 500 euros free in it.

Last year, visitors have been charged from AVIS-Ayvalik 2800 Euros for a mechanic damage that they had nothing to do with. Although Turks are generally very nice people, dealing with them in their place, in their oriental way, is even worst than dealing with us Greeks!
Get ready for Your Trip Lesvos from Turkey.

From Ayvalik
Everyday except Sunday

To Mytilini only in the evening at 18:00. Because it is the same boat departing from Mytilini to Ayvalik at 8:30 in the morning. This is because for the moment there are a lot of Greek tourists going to Turkey and very few coming from Turkey (usually foreigners as Turks need a Sengen visa for enter in EE).

The ferry schedule is therefore thought for us Greeks going for shopping on the other side!!!! A useful tel No in Ayvalik could be 0090 266 3122740 and belongs to a ferry company called "Jale".

From Dikili
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

To Mytilini at 18:00. Because again from Mytilini to Dikili at 8:30 in the morning. This boat is a real ferry for cars and it is cheaper (costs10 for both ways) than the one from Ayvalik (29). For sure you can use it every Tuesday all year round.

This company comes from Mytilini 0030 22510 20716 or 27865

Getting Tickets in Turkey:

The both way ticket from Turkey to Lesvos (Mytilini) was about € 50.00 in summer 2006. For a strange reason the ticket from Lesvos to Turkey was only € 29.00 (some periods only 6.00 for both ways)

This year seems to get more competition in Ferry companies and I hope in the future to be able to organise and find "Greek Prises" also for you coming from Turkey.

How to come to Hotel Votsala from Mytilini port.

Queue first at the Passport control at the customs office in Mytilini. If you have bought carpets more expensive than €180 now you need to pay a tax. In this case, the Ottoman side of our Greek character comes out asking our Turkish brothers at the carpet shop to print us a receipt for less than 180 and ..... sometimes the customers don't insist too much and let us go!!!
You can easily find a taxi just out from the exit and the only Greek you need to know is: "Hotel Votsala, Thermi, Parakalo" (=please)!!! The way to our hotel will cost you about € 8-10. If you get any problem at the Mytilini port please call us 22510 71231 and we will help you at once.

We Greeks are very proud to say that Ayvalik till 1922 used to be a town of the Ottoman Empire 100% inhabited by Greeks.

What we usually don't like to know is that the reason of it's officially autonomy was that the Greeks have helped a Turish