Pyrgi Thermi is a real Greek village only 11 km north from the old town of Mytilini (buses every half hour) and 20km from the airport of Lesvos.

Besides the superb swimming and the excellent ouzo at the water side tables, there are many other reasons to choose Pyrgi Thermi for your holidays: first of all because it has been untouched by modern tourism, second because of its archaeological interest. Pyrgi Thermi offers you a unique opportunity to explore its history.


Thermi has been the name of the area since the Romans built thermal baths next to the hot spring and transformed Thermi into a holiday resort. The goddess Artemis, protector of thermal springs, was worshipped here. Excavations in search of her temple have revealed the ruins of thermal baths, a Roman road and shops. Although the temple has not yet been found, marble reliefs, inscriptions, Ionian and Corinthian columns appear in the stone walls of all traditional buildings of Pyrgi Thermi.

Swimming or lying on the beach, walking behind the main street on ancient narrow roads under the olive trees and through the orange and lemon groves, you realise that every stone, every tree has its own ancient story to tell you. This is because Thermi is a place, which has been inhabited for more than 5 000 years.


Pyrgi means “tower” in Greek and at the end of the 19th century there were 160 “pyrgi” in this area.

Here you can still see a few of these traditional tall narrow three-storey stone buildings, used as summer houses by rich Greeks and Ottomans coming from Mytilini town.