Opening Hours in June Daily: 9:00 Am - 13:00 & 5:00 Pm - 7:00 Pm
Weekend: 9:00am-13:00
The ticket costs €5,00

The building where you can get your thermal bath today was built in 1815 (Ottoman times) It was those days very in faction to be able to get an individual bathroom.
The traditional pools (ladies & gentlemen separately) stopped to be used in 1960 but you can still visit them just behind the "modern" baths. It is a typical Byzantine times construction of the 12th c AD where lots of ancient marbles have been used. Ancient columns support the vaults in both pools

The big building -abandoned 30 years now - next to the thermal Baths used to be a "spa hotel". It was build at the end of the 19th c. During the First World War when Lesvos was occupied by the Greek army the Turk owner, as a good businessman, has sold it to the local Greek medicine union. The owners nowadays are therefore the big Doctors and Pharmacists union based on Athens. The Municipality of Thermi presses them to do something with it or to give it to the municipality.

Hydro-Geological information:
The hot water springs of Thermi are classified as coastal thermal spring.
The elements of chemical analysis are as follow:
Water classification: Sodium chlorine of alkaline elements & chlorine-sulphuric-iron.


1. Rheumatic Diseases
2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
3. Disorders of the connective tissue & degenerative joint diseases

4. Septic Arthritis
5. Eczema
6. Itching of the genitals
7. Psoriasis especially in conjunction with seawater therapy
8. Ácne
9. Rhodochrous Acne
10 Disorders of the mucosa membrane
11. Treatments of Burns
12. Bronchitis & chronic respiratory infections
13. Post injury treatments of sprains, bruises & pain relief due to fractures
14. Gynecological diseases & disorders e.g.
infections, vaginitis, Pelviperitonitis etc
15. Ichthyoids
16. Phlebitis & other vascular diseases