No mini-market in the hotel:
Not far from Hotel Votsala there are three mini markets where you can get all you need to fill the refrigerator in your room. One at the port of Thermi opposite the Kiosk, and another two in Pyrgi Thermis on the main road.



The town of Mytilini offers you the opportunity to taste an oriental atmosphere of shopping. The long narrow road between the ancient and the 19th c. ports is full of small shops and it is called the “Agora”. But don’t feel any agoraphobia; Agora just means market in Greek and the people are kind and helpful there. The official name of this road is Hermou because Hermes is the God of trade and business. Shops are open every morning 8:00 to 13:45 (except Sunday) and then 5:30 to 8:30 pm but only on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evening after the Greek siesta.

Some useful Greek words:
Poso kani ? how much does it cost?
Ti ine afto ? what is this
Tha ithela … I would like...

Small – Medium – large English words that you can use in cloth shops exactly as they are.
In other cases you have to use: Mikro – Meseo - Megalo