In previous editions of the website I (-Iannis) was writing that Lesvos is not an ideal place for cyclists. I believed that Lesvos is too big and distances are huge, but probably this was a mistake because I was thinking of my relationship with bicycles. After hosting several times cyclists who explore the island in a week, they convinced me that Lesvos has the perfect size to be explored in a week, while the network of secondary roads under the shade of pines and olive trees offers a charming landscape.

Hotel Votsala is geographically the right place to start and finish your one week round trip around the island. We can help you with the organisation of the trip from our previous experience, and we can help you with any lifts needed to and from the airport. Keep in mind that a week is the minimum time needed since Lesvos is the seventh biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea. Much smaller than Crete, Sardinia, Sicily, or Cyprus and just a little bit bigger than Majorca.


For people like me, Thermi district offers several track roads to use for cycling and at Votsala we have a couple of bikes for the guests.