Lesvos has several nice sandy or pebble beaches but most of them are not directly in frond of the place that you will stay. Beach holiday places like Vatera, Agios Isidoros and Eressos are geographically isolated from the rest of the island.


Eressos in the Southwest has its own character with wooden terraces and several cafés and restaurants right on the sand - no road for cars parallel to the beach!


Melinta in the south 6km from Plomari -as a contrast to the big and anonym Vatera and Agios Isidoros- is a quite pebble beach and offers an impressive rock for jumping (if you are brave enough to try it).


Agios Ermogenis is very charming with pine trees right on the sea side but overcrowded in August. Some days when we get a strong northeast wind in Thermi (meltemi as we call it), we often give a lift to our guests and we visit this place for swimming.


Inside the gulf of Gera (as well as in that of Kaloni) you see several beaches but few of them you can easily use because the sea and the bottom are more like in a lake and not like the usual Aegean transparent water. The sunset and the light special in Gera make it worth visiting and walking around.