Geographically Thermi is the perfect place to stay and an ideal centre from which to explore the island.

We would like to suggest to you: one trip to the North, one to the South and one to the West.

The trip to the “far west” will involve a three to four hour round trip (200 km). The other two trips will only take 2-3 hours (100-120km).

Information about the trip to the north you can get if you click at Votsala and then round trips. Information about the trip to the West and to the South you can ask locally at the reception, in between get some nice pictures of those places!


When you start for the far West trip do not forget to take a bottle of water with you.

The scenery is more like in a desert
as a contrast to the west the center and the south are extremely green!

Agiassos, the second biggest small town after Mytilini, lives its lonely traditional rhythms

and the walks here on the surrounding mountains are the best you could imagine on a Greek island.