The Greek Orthodox Easter is based on a modified Julian calendar and the Western world uses the Gregorian calendar, therefore the festivities do not usually occur at the same time as other Christian Easter celebrations. But in 2017 the Greek Easter is at the same time as the European!

In 2017 we celebrate Easter on the 16th of April. Lesvos in Spring is beautiful and you are invited to experience a Greek Orthodox Easter with a real Greek family, your Votsala family!

April is a perfect period for enjoying a Mediterranean Springtime crescendo. The air temperatures are between 15 and 22 C the temperature of the water around 19 C. Lesvos in that period is known as a perfect place for Bird Watching because of the migration at that time and most of the 65 kinds of Orchids are fluorescing now.

The Greek Easter is the most important religious celebration for the Greek families, much more important than Christmas. At Votsala we follow the tradition not like in a hotel but like in a big family of the past. Everybody can participate by cooking with us the traditional dishes, or walking like a “pilgrim” to the mountain villages.

Click here for more information on how to reach lesvos.

The usual Easter Votsala tradition includes:

THURSDAY (13th of April) afternoon/evening: Historical walk in Mytilini town ending into a Byzantine church for the crucifixion.
FRIDAY: The Pilgrims Walk to the mountain village Assomatos. There we will join the Procession of the Epitįphios of Christ. This is the only village in Greece that the procession is leaded by few local musicians playing traditional instruments. (instruments are not allowed in the orthodox churches)
SATURDAY morning: We participate for a while a special ceremony in the cathedral of Mytilini. Then we come back and help preparing the food for …Sunday! Because in the afternoon we organise a round trip to the north of the island Skala Sykaminea, Molivos. We get dinner at Petra and at 23:00 we are going up to the Rock with the church to celebrate (like all Greeks do at 12:00 midnight) the resurrection of Jesus.
SUNDAY (16th of April): Everybody has to turn for some minutes the whole spiced lamb roasting over a charcoal fire on the seaside under the trees! Drinking, eating and music starts early and stops late in the afternoon. If you are not drunk, you can visit the village of Thermi and see the Procession of the bull festival that starts this afternoon.
MONDAY: You can walk to the chapel of St George where the priest will bless the horses and their riders before the horserace!

After 4 days of intensive religious and family “programme” everybody can enjoy the nature visiting villages and relaxing on empty (from tourists) beaches. Walks and a boat trip will be realised in the next days depending on the weather!